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Property key management

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Identify your access peg - Original
Pack (10) red access pegs
10 x Access pegs Original -Red
Access pegs are issued to the relevant staff members to unlock the key from the key tracking board. The access peg is inserted which then releases the retention peg holding the key or keys bunch.

FREE Engraving service available on all access and retention pegs for the key tracking system. Please email sales@tagster.co.uk or call 0208 7492759 once you have placed your order online.
£29.95 Red View Order
Name Colour Price Quantity Order
Pack (10) Original Brown Access Pegs brown £29.95
Pack (10) Dark Blue Access Pegs Blue £29.95
Pack (10) Silver Access Pegs gray £29.95
Pack (10) Green Access Pegs Green £29.95
Pack (10) light blue access pegs LightBlue £29.95
Pack (10) light green access pegs Green £29.95
Pack (10) lilac access pegs Lilac £29.95
Pack (10) orange access pegs Orange £29.95
Pack (10) red access pegs Red £29.95
Pack (10) white access pegs White £29.95
Pack (10) yellow access pegs Yellow £29.95
Pack (10) teal access pegs teal £29.95
Single gray access peg gray £2.99
Single light blue access peg LightBlue £2.99
Single lilac access peg Lilac £2.99
Single orange access peg Orange £2.99
Single red access peg Red £2.99
Single teal access peg teal £2.99
Single dark blue access peg Blue £2.99
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